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Scleral Lenses

What Are Scleral Contact Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses are gas permeable contact lenses that have a larger diameter than traditional contacts. They vault over the corneal surface, resting on the white of the eye (the sclera) instead of the cornea. Saline is added between the lens and the cornea to increase the level of comfort for the wearer. Scleral contact lenses may be an option for those individuals who have irregular corneas or corneal surface disease to correct their vision and improve comfort.

Scleral lenses like their smaller diameter rigid gas permeable lenses provide; sharper vision, greater durability, easier handling and less risk of complication. Since they are much larger, scleral lenses are more stable and less likely to dislodge from the eye. This stability can make them more comfortable than conventional rigid gas permeable lenses.

Conditions Treated With Scleral Contact Lenses

They can also be used to treat severe dry eyes, such as Sjogren’s syndrome, graft-versus-host disease, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, trauma, pellucid marginal degeneration, and keratoconus. Also, patients who have undergone a cornea transplant and can no longer use traditional contacts may benefit from scleral lenses.

If you have been diagnosed with keratoconus or any other eye condition or you have been told that you cannot wear contacts – this may be an option. Scleral contact lenses can make it possible for you to wear contacts comfortably. Call 512-454-5117 to make an appointment with Dr. Fern Yee at Eyes of Texas Vision Care to discuss your options.

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